• How do you collaborate with Educators outside your school?

    • F2F as in workshops, meetings, conferences.
    • How about online? Social Networks like Ning, twitter, yahoo groups
  • Skype as a 21st Century Communication tool

    • Instant communication VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
    • Free calls from computer to computer
    • video conference
    • text chat / group conversations
  • Specifications

    • Web-based application: Does not need a browser to run.
    • It is cross platform; Windows, Mac, Linux.
    • Will need microphone (webcam)
      • I would recommend a USB headset for best audio.
    • Create an account:
    • Video Conference
    • Conference Calling

Applications - How can I use Skype as a learning tool?

Let's Do a Demo:

  • Contact list.
  • Skype Chat
  • Conference Call


Skype for Collaboration with Wesley Fryer
How to make a video call with Skype - youtube

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